Availability 2020

Availability 2020

COVID-19 Update

Due to the virus and travel restrictions i expect in the next few weeks to even months this page will be ever changing, I will try to keep it updated but expect things might change day to day, so maybe just use it as a guide and send us an email for exact date availability.

Cancelling a booking for 2020?

We are offering all guest booked in for 2020 the option of changing their dates to either latter in the year or for 2021. (just transfer deposits to new dates)

If you still want to come in the next few weeks?

Unfortunately at this stage we have received official notification from the government and we and other accommodation in the Telos are not allowed to have guest, non Indonesians are also not allowed to enter the Telos at the moment unless they hold a work/residency permit.

We have not been given a date on when these bans will be lifted but will update this page when we have more information.

Cheers Mick

Current Availability for 2020

Where possible we recommend trying to arrive and depart on a Saturday, as the fast ferry and government ferry both go on this day, and if there is any changes in schedule of ferrys it is the day most likely to have a ferry always going, fast ferry also goes Monday and Tuesday

All dates available unless noted otherwise (please note we try to keep this updated but may change without notice)


Feb: Plenty of spots before the 17th 2 to 3 spots left from 17th to 2nd March


March: Now have spots open up


April: Almost full one spot from 25th to 28th then 3 spots from 28th into May(see below)


May:  Almost full 3 spots from 28th April to 5th May available (7 nights)


June: Plenty of availability from 20th onwards

July:  8 spots from 1st to 7th, 7th onward full

August: now full

Sept: 1spot from 5th to 8th, 2 spots from 8th to 21st, 4 spots from 21st to 28th one spot from 28th to 5th Oct

Oct: 1 spot, 6th to 12th 2 spots from 22nd to 31st 

Nov: 1st to 7th have 6 spots left.

Dec: no bookings yet

PS. We try to keep this as updated and as current as possible but please send us a message before paying a deposit to double check dates you would like are still available.

Next in line for dates if availability comes up in 2020

July or August Corey Maisen x2 (contacted via FB page)


Sibaranun Island

Telo Islands

Sumatra, Indonesia.


Email us through our contact page.


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