Availability 2020

Price same as 2019

Guest limit= 10 guest (8 surfer + 2 Non surfers)

Please use "prices & booking" page to contact us

Current Availability for 2020

Where possible we recommend trying to arrive and depart on a Saturday, as the fast ferry and government ferry both go on this day, and if there is any changes in schedule of ferrys it is the day most likely to have a ferry always going.

All dates available unless noted otherwise

Jan: x4 Greg arriving 28 December-Jan 11th

         x1 Simon R arriving 28th December- Jan7



March: (Pretty much full have full have 6 spots from 28th March to April 6th 9 nights)

       x5 Ole 2nd-12th

       x4 Stephen B 7th-28th

       X4Travis M 16th-28th 

       x1  James  30th-31st

       x1 Andy N 30th-31st

April: (Pretty much full have full have 6 spots from 28th March to April 6th 9 nights)

          (Please also see May)

       x1 James R (1st -5th) 

       x1 Andy N (1st-11th)

       x2 Samuel B & Alex O(4th-11th) 

       x4 John N & Mark C & Mighel C (6th-18th)

       x2 Patrick G & friend (6th-18th) friends with Jon N group.

       x4 Giles x1 Pierre x2 Christophe 18th-28th (1 spot left)

       x1 Peter C (28th April to May 5th)


May:  (Full except from 28th April to 5th May 7 nights 7 spots available)

         House booked out 1-5th May Adam C

         House booked out 5th to 16th Sathya

         x1 Stephen 16th-25th

         House booked out 19th- 31st Tony B (depart 1st June)

June: (June now full)

          House booked out Bryan S 1st to 9th

          House booked out Craig & Mark 9th to 20th

          House booked out 20th to 30th (Mick)

July:  (July now full)

         House booked out from 1st to 5th (Mick) House booked out 6th to 17th (Francis)

         House booked out 20th to 31st (departing 1st August) Dan group

August: (August now full)

              1st to 11th x3 (Ged, Rod,Brett) 1st to 11 x2 (Jun Suzuki) 

              1st to 11th x2 (Paul)

              1st to 11th x1 (Bruce)

              House booked out from 11th to 22nd (Mike) 

              22-31 (floris x5) Full from 22nd onwards

              22-31 (Toby M x1)

              22-31 (Donal x2)

Sept: 1-12 (Donal x2) Full until 5th

          1-8 (Floris x5) 

          8-21(Jason G x2/couple)

          1-5 Toby M x1

          12th-28th Sep (x3 Wayne,Murray, Ross) 5 spots left 6 after 19th

          12th-19th (x1 Waynes mate)

          28th-30th (x1 Glen D)



       1-12th (x1 Gled D)

       12-22 Jean (x2 one room each so same as four spots)

       20-31st (David Lee x2) 



PS. We try to keep this as updated and as current as possible but please send us a message before paying a deposit to double check dates you would like are still available.

Tentative bookings for 2021

You can make a tentative booking without a deposit for 2021 this will give those below first option to secure these dates once bookings become open.


Please note prices for 2021 are yet to be determined, they may remain as 2020 or price may increase if we improve on facilty's (aim to put on 24/7 electricity, ideally solar, we may also included a package price that includes boat travel)

Bookings for 2021 will open 1st January 2020


Please see 2021 bookings page for more and avalabilty 


Sibaranun Island

Telo Islands

Sumatra, Indonesia.


Email us through our contact page.


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