Covid Info

Covid related travel info

COVID-19 Update May 21st 2022

Things are finally looking very positive for the 2022 season.


Borders are back open to tourist with Visas on Arrival, no quarantine and no testing if vaccinated and this week the requirement for testing on departure country was even ended.

Covid related requirements

  • You need to be able to show proof of being fully vaccinated (currently two jabs)

  • There is no longer any testing requirements on arrival or departure from home country.

  • There is two apps you are suppose to download to your smart phone and use in Indonesia, that said at this stage as of mid May alread things are pretty relaxed and rarely needed, but i recommend downloading them just incase and reading the link below to understand what they are about, just incase better to be prepared incase they do check you have it at he aiport.

  • eHac (Indonesian Health Alert Card) 

  • PeduliLindungi App 

Visa requirements 

  • From 6th April 2022 VOA (visas on arrival) tourist visa are available on arrival at Bali Jakarta & Medan airports for 30 days extendable by an agent for an extra 30 days, the cost is Rp500,000 (USD $35/AUD $50) and about Rp1,000,000 ($70USD) to extend through an agent.

  • If you want a longer stay (60 days) without needing to extend B211a visa needs to be applied for through an agent and generally cost a few hundred dollars, and may take days to a few weeks to receive (often depends on price paid to agent)


Travel within Indonesia

There is now no testing required for domestic airline flights.