Availability 2022

Price's will remain the same, we were hoping to do some updates like put on solar but Covid has put a spanner in the works.

We will also just be sticking to our previous payment system for 2022

1. 20% non deposit required to secure a booking (non refundable up to 90 days before arrival).

3. 80% Balance due on arrival to be paid to Andreas in Rupiahs

Alternatively for those that dont want to bring too much cash the balance can be paid into Andreas bank account a week or two before arriving. (contact Mick for Andreas bank details)

All dates are arrival & departure dates. Arrival days=Mon,Wed,Fri.  Departure days=Sun,Tue,Thur

Please note

Jan (8 spots available)

Feb (8 spots available)

March (8 spots available)

April  (plenty of spots)


Giles Quinton (x4) Mon 18th April - Thur 28th April (rebook 2021)

May: (have a few spots between 1st May to June 5th)


Ray Stevens (x2) Wed 4th May - Tue 31st May (deposit paid)


Keir Kerrigan (x1 ) Fri 6th May - Thur 19th May (rebook 2021)

John Norton & Richy Wilson (x2) Frid 6th May - Tue 24th May (rebook 2020)

Josie Volmary (x2 ) Mon 16th May - Tue 24th May (deposit paid)

Louie Harrow (x2) Wed 25th May - Sun 5th June (deposit paid)

James Jacobi (x3) Fri 27th May - Thur 16th June (deposit paid)

(((Mark & Mighel Chivilo (x3people) 7th May- 17th May)))

(Rebook 2020 waiting on extra deposit for one person)



June:(fully booked)


James Jacobi (x3) Fri 27th May - Thur 16th June (deposit paid)

Marilena Walch (x3) Wed 1st June - Thur 16th June (deposit paid)

Harry Jones (x1) Mon 6th June - Thurs 16th June (deposit paid)

Claudia Frankie (x1) Mon 6th June - 26th June (deposit paid)

Mick (x1) Mon 20th June - Sat 2nd July

Trevor Margetts & Glenno (x2) Fri 17th June - Sun 10th July (deposit paid)

David Laister (x2) Fri 17th June - Sun 3rd July (deposit paid)

Ronald Casacchia (x2) Fri 17th June - Sun 3rd July (deposit paid)

July: (fully booked)

Trevor Margetts & Glenno (x2) Fri 17th June - Sun 10th July (deposit paid)

Paul Davie's (x4) Mon 4th July - Sun 17th July (deposit paid)

(Paul reduced numbers)

Owen Rosewell (x2) Mon 4th July - Thurs 14th July (deposit paid)

Jonno Cull (x4) Mon 18th July- Sun 7th Aug (deposit paid)

Greg Bellet (x5) Mon 18th July- Sun 31st July (deposit paid)

Richard Potter (x1) Mon 18th July - Sun 31st July (deposit paid)

Aug: (fully booked)

Andreas Schieigart (x1) Mon 1st - Sun 21st Aug (deposit paid)

Pat & Tom (x2) Mon 1st Aug - Thur 11th Aug.

Robbie Sands (x2 couple) Mon 8th-Sun 21st Aug (deposit paid)

IMPORTANT please contact us we have sent a number of emails of late (March) due to change of fast ferry we have had to change your dates from 6th Aug - 20th Aug to above dates.

Bruce Peacock & Mitchell Ryan (x2) Fri 5th Aug - Sun 21st Aug (rebook 2021)

Sebastian K (x1) Mon 8th Aug -Sun 21st Aug

Oceane Leveque (x2 couple) Mon 15th - Sun 21st Aug (deposit paid) 

Bryan Searle (Whole house x8 ) Mon 22nd Aug - Thur 1st Sep (rebook from 2021)

Sept: (fully booked)


Craig Mathison (whole house) Fri 2nd Sep - Tue 13th Sep (rebook from 2021)

Stephen Blyth (whole House) Wed 14th Sep - Thur 6th Oct (rebook from 2021)

Oct (fully booked)

Viktor G (x2) Fri 7th Oct-Sun 23rd Oct (Deposit paid)

Floris-Jan (x5) Fri 7th Oct - Thurs 20th Oct (rebook 2021)

(pencil these dates in but Floris will reconfirm)

Meredith Smith (x2) Fri 7th Oct - Tue 18th Oct (Deposit paid)

Dave Weiland (whole house) Fri 21st Oct - Sun 6th Nov (Deposit paid)

(first two nights with 2 other guest)


Peter Williamson (x1 ) Mon 7th Nov - Sat 12th Nov (to Monkeys) (Deposit paid)

Elmar Trez x2 Wed 23rd - Thur 1 Dec (deposit paid 10% only)



Jodie arriving 2nd (couple) but booked whole house for all of December into Jan 2023

Jun Suzuki is in line for any dates that open in August 2022 or 2023 otherwise transfer his 2021 booking to August 2024