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Last Updated 27th April

Main season is full only dates from end of October onwards, 2025 is starting to fill up.

Welcome to the Telo Island Surf House

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The Telo islands number one budget surf accommodation, located over looking the telo's most consistent left, a long rippable wave suited to all levels of surfers from intermediate to more advanced.

We believe travel should be more than fancy hotels, and that the local people help make a place what it is, when you stay with us we hope to not only help you score good waves but also to provide a cultural experience and an insight into village life in the telos.

We also have a maximum guest number of eight surfers ensuring when we do score waves alone you aren't surfing with an instant crowd. 

What is Telo Island Surf house about?

Affordable accommodation.​

Low guest numbers, generally 8 surfers or less. (plus we allow for 2 extra non surfers)

An adventure surf travel the way it should be.

Scoring good fun to epic waves for all levels of surfers.

Surf as you choose anytime you want, left straight out front or right 20 minutes walk away.

Or surf about a dozen more waves by boat.

Supporting the local Telo's people. (majority local owned and run, food & fuel sourced locally)

A cultural experience Interaction with the local people, located next to a Telos Village.

Waves, Sunsets, fishing, Warm blue clear water, picture perfect tropical islands and much more

What we are not

Basically we are not like other surf camps or resorts in the area.​

We do not have luxuries like air conditioning or pools, massages, internet or western menu.

We are not foreign owned or run*

Western priced (most Telo's surf resorts range from $250 to $600 USD pppn) .


*My western friend/investor Mick does help me with bookings and social media, but all hands on operations in Indonesia are run by myself, my family & local staff 

About us

Long before there was any surf resorts or surf camps in the Telo Islands surfers use to sneak down from Nias and come stay in our village, over time we became the house for surfers to stay and for years we hosted surfers in our family home, however in 2017 we built a new house for our guest overlooking the left that is more in the style of a surf camp.

The family consist of myself Andreas my wife and two children my three sisters, my brother Domi and my brother inlay Pak happy also help when needed.


Andreas and his brother Domi are the main host both speaking english, both know all the spots in the region including all the waves in the mid & south telos Andreas has been taking surfers to these waves longer than any other surf guide in the Telo Islands.

Andreas out and about hunting for waves.

The Island where we are located - Sibaranun Island

What are the waves like?

Straight out the front of the new house is a long fun left called Churches or Misho's, it is one of the most consistent waves in the Telo Islands and by far the most consistent left in the mid to north Telos region, breaking on all tides and surfable from waist high to way overhead, it's a wave suited to all levels of surfers from intermediate to pro surfers, and offers a little bit of everything, take off deep for long walls and fast sections with the odd barrel, or take off a bit wider where waves line up in a bit of peak for a mix of sections suitable for turns and cutbacks and maybe the odd little cover up on the inside.

About fifteen to twenty minutes walk away on the other side of the island is a right called the boot, this wave has a little more punch than the left but is still suitable for most surfers, offering a mix of fun walls and the odd barrel, it gets a similar amount of swell to the left and is offshore in the opposite wind direction.

You can surf both these waves as you choose or if you want to surf elsewhere we have access via speed boat to about a dozen more waves within an hours travel, all kinds of waves from mellow peelers, to fun rippable waves to a few more world class barrels when we get a bit of swell.


View of left from telo island surf house balcony.

Guest surfing alone at one of the better rights in the telos.

The Surf House

For the last ten plus years we have been having surfers stay with us in the family home.


However from 2018 onwards guest have stayed in the new house for guest, the new house is about 50 metres from our family home located right on the water/beach with a 180 degree ocean view, the house is an elevated double story 4 bedroom house, it's built from local hardwood timbers with most of the builders coming from our village.

Rooms are well ventilated catching any sea breeze, the house has a perfect view of the left allowing guest to pick and choose when they want to surf and time surfs around any other surfers that may turn up by resort boats.


We currently offer a true budget and affordable price from Rp350,000 (USD $24) to Rp500,000 (USD $35) per person per night depending on surf season, this price includes accommodation, three meals per day, bottled drinking water plus tea & coffee.

Soft drinks & alcohol etc are extra we sell these cold and snacks can be purchased in Tello town.

Boat travel to other surf spots, pick up and drop off from ferry or fishing trips are charged as an extra, per boat divided by guest.

The price to surf spots depends on distance and boat used, we have two different boats one for small groups with a 25hp, one for large groups with a 85hp. (we also have another large boat for backup)

Please note these prices won't last forever and our prices will rise in the future as we fine tune and improve things and eventually will move to include all boat travel to surf spots in the package price similar to other surfcamps/resorts.

Book out the house as a group for exclusive use.

We also offer a unique option to secure the whole house and boat as a private group, basically get your friends together and book the house out ensuring you and your friends are the only guest, just like having your own private surf camp.


The added bonus of this is if we find waves with nobody else surfing, it's just you and you friends.

We can take up to eight surfers in a group but this option is also available for small groups, you can even book out the house so you don't need to share a room with anyone else.

Please see "Prices and bookings" page for more info and prices.

Where are the Telo Islands located?

The Telos Islands is located right on the equator just between it's famous neighbouring islands of Nias to the north and the Mentawai islands to the south and is part of Sumatra in west Indonesia.

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