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Telo Island Surf Spots

What should you expect wave wise?

If you are expecting the Telos to be like the Mentawai's or G-land and seek big stand up barrels you may be disappointed, as although it can get solid and we do have some quality hollow waves, most of the better waves are in protected area's so less consistent than other spots

The more consistent waves in the telos are generally more suited to more intermediate level surfers, i guess you could call it the old mans Mentawai's, waves tend to be more approachable than many areas in Indonesia, less life or death and more fun and rippable generally in the shoulder to head high size (see pics below), with the odd bigger days.

The left out front is definitely the wave we surf the most being straight out front and being so consistent but below is also a list of waves we surf all within 1hr most within 30 to 40 minutes by boat.

Churches (Mishos )


Directly in front of the Telo island surf house, is the telo's most consistent left.


A long wrapping left suited to all level of surfers from cruisers to rippers, the wave has everything long walls, fast sections, hollow sections, and plenty of shoulders to carve, breaks on all tides from 1ft to 8ft.

Having this on our door step is a true blessing especially under southerly wind patterns, and much of the time there is no need to surf anywhere else.

The Boot (The Shoe)


About 15-20 minutes walk along the beach to the other side of the Island or a short boat ride away is the boot, named after the rock Island near the wave.

A bowly right hand reef, that receives a similar amount of swell to the left but works in the opposite wind direction.(best surfed at head high or bigger)

As long as there is swell most days either the left or right is offshore and breaking.


One of the most consistent waves in the region, lines up in a shifty peak followed by a variety of sections suitable for carving.

Although far from world class, it can still be a lot of fun with an amazing backdrop.

It's the only real wave near Tello Town, so we often combine a surf here with a trip to town for a beer or junk food sugar fix.

It’s been fairly small of late, but the

Coconuts (le ba)

One of our favourite waves when some swell.


A fun right that peaks up outside on a reef ledge before peeling down the side of an island covered in coconut palms, this is a wave suited to all levels of surfers, rarely barrels but a high performance wave well suited to top to bottom style surfing.

Best when shoulder high or bigger.

Nice inside peeler at a wave we call coc

Coronas (GT's, Ranggas's)

Although not the longest wave or the most consistent, this is one of the higher quality waves in the Telos, a world class wave and a perfect barrel from start to finish and quite an easy barrel to ride if you make the drop.

Suits most surfers when smaller, but only for more advanced surfers when solid.

We have had some spots come available fo


A fairly consistent right, that lines up in a peak breaking through to a flat safe reef.


Most days it's a pretty mellow wave, almost like a beach break over reef, but like this photo shows on it's day it can barrel from take off to pull out.

It's just across the channel from Mousetraps and works in similar conditions so you can often pick between the two waves you surf.


On a solid swell offers long rights with a bit of everything long walls, barrel sections, sections to carve.

Best when bigger and can hold any swell the ocean throws at it, although it is very exposed to any wind.

Breaks in fairly deep water and a wave many find they can surf waves bigger than they normally would tackle.

The Bubble 

Another wave that can be a little fickle needing a certain set of conditions to turn on, but when it's day does come this is super fun wave, super sucky and a very very fast little wave of decent length..


Only negative is its only surfable up to head high as above that it turn's into a tsunami like surge of whitewater, that said it can be one of the funnest waves waves you will ever surf between knee to head high.


Mouse Traps (School yards)

Mouse traps is a true swell magnet, kind of like a mini sunset, a swinging peak, fat shoulders to carve and mousetrap like inside bowls.

Located near Kindie's we often anchor between the two waves and let guest choose the wave they want to surf.

This is a bit of a last resort type wave and its shifty & sectiony nature can be frustrating at times, but don't underestimate it, it can get very good (and hollow) especially if you are willing to tackle it at size.


Pirate pass (ER, Bum cracks)

It's a picture perfect reef pass with a mellow soft left on one side and a peaky fun right on the other, with the odd right peak further north.

It's the go to spot when everywhere is tiny or near flat, hence it can get a little busy these days, but still worth surfing and just a nice spot to hang with a little lagoon and good snorkelling and fishing.


A world class very hollow and shallow left, that needs a solid swell to break.

One of the heavier and shallowest waves in the region so a wave only suited to experienced tube riders.

TellosJune2018 (55 of 64).jpg

The Patch (Twin peaks, Pyro's)

One of the more consistent waves in the region, mostly a left reef break with the odd short right, it breaks similar to a sucky shifty peaky beach break. 

When small its suits all surfers but can get a bit more hollow and challenging with more swell and less water.

Another right peels off nearby, but in all honesty rarely worth surfing



Other waves

Above are the main wave's we surf, but there is also quite a few other spots that are more fickle but every once in a while can be worth surfing, on certain direction swells, huge swells or very high tides


 Everything from world class barrels to dry reef slabs to split peaks. to novelty little waves.

Going further south out of our everyday range is a few other waves Depth Chargers, Jurassic's, Wegs, Mysto's, Mini Trestles most needing very solid swells or rare west swells, we generally don't venture to this area, but with our 85hp boat if you ask nicely and are willing to cover the big fuel cost plus more, you might be able to convince Andreas to do a full day trip if conditions do happen.


Boat use

Currently boat trips to waves, town or fishing is charged as needed, we always try to get the best waves possible but if you just want to surf the left out front or right 20 minutes walk away that is also fine.


Currently boat prices range from Rp400,000to Rp 1,500,000 (about USD $30 to $106)

Average price about Rp600,00 Rp1,00,000 (about USD $43 to $67)

Price is charged per boat load return, divided between guest.

*Prices may change without notice due to occasional fuel shortages, which can see fuel prices almost double.

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