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What to expect when you come to stay

at theTelo islands Surf House

Firstly we are not like the resorts or surf camps in the Telo Islands that are aimed at an upper market with luxuries like pools, air-conditioning, big flatscreen TV's an extensive menu of western food or all the other mod cons and a price tag of $300 to $900 per person per night. 


If this is what you are after we recommend you google these telos resorts,Telo Island Lodge, Resort Latitude Zero, Telos surf villa, Telos 101, Pinnacles resort or even Surfing Village and Monkeys resort both in the very south of the Telos.

We are a majority local owned and run accommodation aimed at a more budget market that suits the more adventureous surfer that doesn't mind roughing it a little, although that doesn't mean our guest are limited to young male surfers, we have had families stay with us plenty of couples, older surfers and we get plenty of female surfers and our guest come from all corners of the globe.

The majority of all profit goes to Andreas family with much of it being spent in the local community, in the future we hope to develop projects that will benefit the wider local community.

Getting to the Telo island surf house.

Most guest that come to stay with us in the Telos arrive via Nias, Most guest view this as a real bonus as Nias is a great wave one of the best in the world and most guest stop over in Nias for at least a day or two at the start and end of their trip.

Although Nias is a great wave it also gets crowded and there is not many other spots to surf other than the point so perhaps not a destination you would go solely too but a perfect side trip and a wave every surfer should get barrelled at, at least once in their lives.

From Nias guest take a ferry trip from Teluk dalam only 20 minutes by car from Sorake/Lagundri bay (The point Nias) most guest take the fast ferry that only takes 1.5-2 hrs and is a modern boat.

Once you arrive at the harbour in Tello town, Andreas or Domi will be there to met you and take you to the Island where he lives about 15 minutes away by boat.

The ferry normally arrives late afternoon so the sun is normally setting just as you arrive, it's normally not enough time to get wet, but enough time to check out the set up and watch the sun set with a cold beer in hand if you choose.

A typical day at Telo Island Surf House

Most guest wake early and check the left straight out front, if it's good guest can go surfing the left otherwise if conditions look good for elsewhere, Andreas will get the boat ready.


Andreas sisters are up early every morning and will have breakfast and tea & coffee ready for you, normally pancakes/omelettes/nasi goring/mie goreng so you can eat first or grab a takeaway breakfast for the boat trip if surfing elsewhere.

If we do go elsewhere for a surf we will often be back around lunch while other times we will make a full day of it and his sisters will cook us up a lunch to take with us, this really depends on conditions and guest wishes.

However often there is no need to go elsewhere as the left out front is one of if not the most consistent wave in the region and the only wave in the North Telo region offshore in a southerly wind pattern that doesn't need large swells.

In-between surfs there is is often lots of time to relax most guest just chill on the balcony and watch the waves, relax in one of the hammocks, read a book, or listen to music on an iPod or go for a walk around the Island or snorkel spearfish or swim.

If you like we can also go trawl some lures jig for squid, go for a snorkel somewhere or go visit Tello town which is always good to get a fix of snack food, fizzy drinks or a cold bintang.


During the day on the Island we don't have electricity but we don't view this as a negative, as it is great to get away from things like TV and computers and not have the background noise of normal life like you get in built up areas.

Plus the view from the balcony is like an every changing TV screen, with local village people coming and going with their small boats from fishing or trips too town, kids playing in the lagoon and the left peeling off as it wraps down the reef straight out front.

As the day closes we get a perfect view of the sun setting over the ocean so guest like to watch the sunset often with a Bintang in hand. 

Just as the sun has set, the generator will start up and all the lights will come on, my sisters will normally have dinner ready or not far away, so we sit down and have dinner which is generally Indonesian in style with lots of fresh fish, rice, vegetables eggs etc (see FAQ page for more info)

After dinner is chill time and a good time to talk with Andreas about where we might surf the next day depending on the forecast or what the conditions seem to be doing.

The generator normally cuts out about 10:00-11:00 then it's light out after that and time for bed to get some sleep ready for the next adventure.

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