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Getting to Nias

Both Wings air (Lion air) and Citilink (Garuda) fly from medan (Kualanamu International Airport) to Nias/Gunung Sitoli (Binaka airport)

Lion air (wings air) is bit cheaper but also charge extra for surfboards (Rp200,000 per board or board bag depends on who you get) they also have about 5 flights a day. 


Lion/wings air are also now currently doing a few flights each week between Nias and Padang.


Garuda now also do 2 or 3 flights a week direct from Jakarta to Gunung Sitoli (Nias)

Please note unfortunately for some reason Lion Air don't do credit card transactions anymore, however this site is a good site to search and book and pay for fights in Indonesia


We have used Traveloka with no problems have even cancelled flights and got refunded, you can also book hotels and even recharge Indonesian phone credit on the site.

#PLEASE NOTE: Both airlines may refuse to take boards over a certain length, issues seem to arise once you get into the 7ft plus range, guns, malibus, sups will almost definitely be rejected.

When you arrive at Nias/getting to Sorake or Teluk dalam

Normally there will be guys with cars or vans wanting to take you to Sorake the price to charter a car is Rp400,000 to Rp600,000 (depending on your bargaining skills)

Or if you let Mick know he can get Andreas to organise a car & driver to pick you up from the airport we use Armin Travel (Price normally Rp500,000) he has so far been very reliable.

The trip from the airport to Sorake generally takes about 3 hours or about 2.5 hours to Teluk Dalam where the ferry departs. (a little faster if road conditions good, longer if wet or an accident)

Ferries to the Telos:

Ferries go from Teluk dalam about 20 minutes from the point at Nias (Sorake/Langundri)

We generally use the fast ferry service that takes 1.5-2hrs instead of 5.5-6 hrs on slow ferry.

Price is Rp200,000 per person, cost of boards depend on size and weight

But generally about Rp150,00 to 300,000 depending on amount and size of board bag

Slow ferry: Only recommend as a back up service, cost about Rp100,000 for ticket and boards.

You can often pay extra and get a cabin with 4 bunks and A/C.

Both ferrys departs from the south end of the bay at Teluk Dalam, just outside of town at what locals call the new harbour.

Schedule for slow ferry can change or skip a day if rough seas, but generally this is the schedule for both ferrys. (updated July 2019)

Monday: 8:00am fast ferry Tello to Teluk dalam. 3:00pm Teluk dalam to Tello

Tuesday: 8:00am fast ferry Tello to Teluk dalam. 3:00pm Teluk dalam to Tello

                (Government slow ferry 10:0am Teluk dalam to Tello)

Wednesday: 9:00am Government slow ferry 9:00am Tello to Telo dalam

                        (returning to Tello at 5:00pm from Teluk dalam)

Thursday: 9:00 am Government slow ferry Tello to Teluk dalam

                        (returning to Tello at 5:00pm from Teluk dalam)

Friday: No ferrys 

Saturday: 8:00am fast ferry Tello to Teluk dalam. 3:00pm Teluk dalam to Tello

                 10:00am Government slow ferry Tello to Teluk dalam

Sunday: No ferrys

#Please note fast ferry schedule is very reliable but government run ferry schedule can change without notice.

IMPORTANT: Please note if staying at The Point Nias/Sorake take the information you get from locals about ferries especially losmen owners with a grain of salt, many either don't know the schedule or lie about the ferry info because basically they don't want you to go elsewhere as they lose business.

Other related info:

The fast ferry from Padang only goes once a week, however we don't recommend coming via Padang as occasionally if there is storms or bad sea conditions, it will skip going to and from Padang, and there is rarely any other ferry to and from Padang to the Telos, which means you could be stuck in Padang. 

Flights to Telos:

The Telos does have a small airport and Aviastar or Susi Air do run flights about twice a week however they DO NOT allow surfboards due to baggage restrictions (cargo hold not big enough), most of the upper market resorts charter private flights to get their guest in, which cost them thousands of dollars (hence part of the reason why the Telo resorts/surf camps are so expensive).

Even without a surfboard flights are often hard to get as can't be bought online.

Important Info:

When you are on the ferry about to depart, send Andreas an SMS/Text message, this confirms that you are on your way and the ferry is going, he will then met you in Tello town at the harbour to take you to the island where he lives about 15-20 minutes away by boat, the cost for pick up or drop off from the ferry is about Rp350,000 per boat load. 

Andreas number is 081 363 644 963

He might not reply straight away, but 99% of the time he will get your message before you arrive. (about 15 minutes after the ferry departs you will lose phone signal)

If for some reason you can't get through, please contact Mick through Facebook messenger or Instagram or email.

Staying in Nias

In Teluk Dalam not far from the new harbour we recommend one of two places they are about 15 minutes walk from ferry or few minutes in car.

Sem Hotel

Jalan imam bonjol

Ph: 0811 756 5000

(They are on facebook)

New hotel (built 2017) of decent quality, rooms are Rp400,000 to Rp500,000 with A/C and TV, private bathroom

Also has pool and pool table (Water views of bay from some rooms)

Sumarend Hotel

Jalan Demarga Baru 15

Ph: 0822 735 446 66


Rooms are of decent quality, with A/C, TV, private bathroom

price range from Rp250,000 to Rp450,000 per room

Owners speaks english and they place is fairly good quality for Indonesia.

In regard to places to stay in Sorake, we don't have any real recommendations, they are all very similar most ranging from Rp100,000 to Rp 500,000 per night and you generally get what you pay for. (more expensive ones include meals)

Returning to Nias:

If you want to go direct to the airport once you arrive back in Nias Andreas can also organise a car and driver to met you.

If you need to stay in Gunung Sitoli there is quite a few hotels to stay at not to far from the airport 10 to 20 minutes range from Rp100,000 to Rp500,000 per night the closest are Hotel Malaga, Hotel Mega or more towards town Miga beach resort or Wisma Soliga Resort Hotel

All typical crappy Indo hotels/losmens so don't get too excited by the fact they put resort in their names.

More important travel info:

We highly recommend when departing the Telos that you allow a buffer (stay in Nias of a day or two) between the date you want to arrive back to Nias and any flights out of Nias the reason for this is although the fast ferry generally goes to schedule occasionally the fast ferry may not go (maybe 2 to 3 times a year), and once in a blue moon the slow ferry may not go, both if big storms, strong winds and huge swells. (maybe a couple times a year)

Basically better to spend a day or two in Nias than miss your fights especially if international flights and Nias isn't a bad place to kill a day or two, yeah it gets crowded but its still one of the best rights in the world, if the waves are no good, make sure you get up to the traditional Nias village out the back up in the hills with the stone jumping and traditional Nias houses, well worth the visit.

These are the possible scenarios:

Departing Saturday

If fast ferry at 8:00am gets cancelled there is the slow ferry at 10:00am but it wont get into Nias until at least 4:00pm (So wouldn't recommend booking flights out of Nias until the Sunday morning)

Departing Monday

If fast ferry at 8:00am is cancelled, the next option will be to depart on Tuesday with fast ferry at 8:00am

Departing Tuesday

If  fast ferry at 8:00am is cancelled, the next option is slow ferry on Wednesday 9:00am that doesn't get to Nias (Teluk dalam until at least 4:00pm)

Other related cost:

Apart from cost of speed boat pick up to take you to the Surf house from harbour, on your arrival Andreas must register your arrival with the kepal desa (head of the village) and Police the fee to do this is Rp100,000 (USD $8) per person, guest are to cover this cost. (the kepala desa/village chief gets Rp50,000 the police Rp50,000)

Andreas may also need to get your passport copied to register your stay with authority's as we are now an official registered business/accommodation with all the licences to operate so must now do everything by the book so to speak.

Please note:


Although there is now a bank with an ATM in the telos, PLEASE NOTE THE ATM DOES NOT TAKE NON INDONESIAN CARDS, so you need to plan ahead and bring any cash  you need. (Please see FAQ of website for estimate on budget needed)

If you really get stuck the post office in Tello town does have western union though.

Please note we DO NOT accept USA dollars as the only place Andreas can exchange is through rich chinese who give possibly the lowest exchange rate in Indonesia.

Payment can also be made to Andreas bank account in advance but is not expected (just contact us if you want his bank details)

Please note we only accept deposits via PayPal, we can not accept balance of payment via Pay Pal.